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You might not be able to direct the wind but you can set the sails

Often in life you find yourself looking at the other guy with envy. ‘Wow, he (or she) has it all together. I wish I had the life that they have’. Yet, what you don’t realize is that every single one of us is fighting a battle of some kind. No, you might not be as comfortable if you were in their skin.


Twin brothers were interviewed in their mid-30’s in USA. When they were young their parents had died in a catastrophic situation. One of the brothers gave the reason for his subsequently spending a major chunk of his life in jail as “Well you could hardly expect me to turn out any other way with what happened in my past”. His brother, who became a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur gave exactly the same reason for his success. Same circumstances. Different attitude.


That mountain in front of you might seem like an enormous barrier. Instead you can get excited by it and see it as a ‘challenge’ to overcome. You can enter your work-place tomorrow with your head down, not smiling until you have a coffee, or you can stride in, expecting to have an effective and satisfying day, and pass your smile on to others.


Often the situations we come across daily can seem like stormy seas – and you might feel that you have no control. But remember, you might not be able to direct the wind but you can set the sails. Decide to have a great day TODAY.



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