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Missed A Workout, Feel Bad?

When you join you invariably make a promise to yourself to attend regularly, to get results. But some maybe too strict and regimented on the times and days to do this. Then, when ‘life’ gets in the way, you’re too rigid, you don’t adapt and feel that you’ve failed.

New research by scientists studying 2500 new exercisers discovered that the ‘flexible’ approach will outlast the latter. Researchers divided the group into three categories. (1) strict routine (2) flexible plan (3) Control group. Amazingly, those who entered the ‘flexible plan’ were TWICE as likely to keep going to the gym.

While the ‘rigid’ approach helped people to build a habit, it didn’t allow for the variability of real-life. If they missed a workout, they wouldn’t go at all.

This is a reminder to YOU. Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. If you can’t visit the gym when you normally do, simply adjust your plan. Doing so will keep you happy and more consistent in the long run.

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