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Muscle-Up On Your Mind-Power

Hey there fitness enthusiasts!

Get ready to FLEX your mind and your muscles because we’re about to dive into the world of mind-power gains, bravery and even some ancient secrets to longevity.

Last week we talked about how some incredible achievers powered through challenges while others made excuses and stayed comfy on the couch. We’re sweaty and here at the gym ready to level-up on mind-power.

Have you ever realised how ‘working-out’ develops your mind-power? After all, wouldn’t it be easier to sit in a chair? But you have chosen to take yourself way out of your comfort zone and become ‘uncomfortable’ for a little while. It’s easier not to huff and puff. Yet by puffing you are forcing your body, lungs and heart to become fitter. In this process you enable your body to give you greater mental alertness and more energy for future days.

Turn your stress into STRENGTH!  Yes friends, it would be easier not to lift weights. But in the process, YOU also become stronger. Then you notice that other things that you lift in your daily life, become easier. In-order to continue progressing to become even stronger and fitter, you’ll find you’ll need to get back out-of-your comfort zone. You’ll need to increase the load further and to increase the intensity. And of course it’s a great excuse to show-off those superhero muscles in your everyday life!

The entire process develops your MIND-POWER. You have been inadvertently developing a stronger, more determined and resilient mind. This is a priceless bi-product of athletic training.

You’ll have stronger resilience and a deeper determination to press through challenges and to overcome the hurdles of Life. Make yourself proud, always look for the positives, experience the benefits of exercise and stick to your plan for 2024……Take that Comfort Zones! 

Photo; we sometimes hit the Spa after a pump-session in the gym – See our NEW Recovery Room also 

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