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Out of the phoenix, Your health and the Club, Post Lock-down


Legend tells us that the Phoenix was a bird that lived six centuries in the Arabian desert. Then it burned itself on a funeral pyre and rose from the ashes, and with renewed youth, ready to live through another cycle.

The lock down was our phoenix experience. Have you found that you and your family now place an entire new value upon your health? You will have seen in the news that generally those who are healthy and fit have a much stronger chance of surviving the virus. The time you spend ‘working out’ is a priceless investment in your health.

Club Physical has also had its phoenix experience and on the eve of the probable announcement by Jacinda that we will move to Level One, the clubs have a renewed commitment to keep the standards high. Both Te Atatu and Birkenhead have had a total deep-clean and repaint, with several other changes along the way.

Arriving at the club with your workout towel and membership card will remain mandatory. As will wiping your machine and replacing your weights after use. And if you want to have a sauna or to hop in the pool you will be expected to shower first.

Please don’t be offended when our reception team insist on this when you enter. Help Club Physical to fulfil its long-held mission for you ‘To provide members with a refreshing Oasis for FUN, friendship and the peak of good health’.


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