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Out of your comfort zone

The Club Physical Team had the privilege of attending a lecture by Paul Taylor of The Mind, Body, Brain Institute at FILEX in Sydney. An extremely dynamic speaker, Paul is currently authoring a new book entitled Death by Comfort. As he spoke to us he produced a lemon and ate it on stage.

Paul challenged us to ‘harvest discomfort’. “Become stress adaptors” he said. “And if you don’t exercise regularly, you are truly depriving yourself. As you get older, building muscle is most important”.  Then Paul warned about being complacent and always doing things the same way. He again challenged the audience to “Brush your teeth with the opposite hand for a month. This will grow your brain. And also to indulge in a 30 second cold shower daily. A study has shown that those who do this, appear to live seven years longer than others”.

It pays to become stronger mentally. “As a leader, your emotional state influences the ‘brain temperature’ of your team”. So try harvesting a little discomfort today. Become a ‘stress adapter’. Try doing things out-of-your-comfort zone.

Here’s Paul Taylor


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