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Overcoming your ‘SPLAT’!

Mo Farah accidentally tripped and fell on his tenth lap of the 10,000 meters in the 2012 Olympic Games. But Mo sprang up and quickly returned to lead the pack to a Gold Medal victory.

A traveler once met a wise man while on his path. He asked him “Where is the quickest road to success?”.  The wise man pointed to a place a long way in the distance. The traveler rushed off in the same direction. SPLAT! He fell to the ground. Bruised, he limped back to the wise man thinking he must have gotten the wrong directions.  Again, he asked, and again the wise man pointed silently the same way. This time the SPLAT was deafening. Crawling back, bloody, broken, and irate he shouted at the wise man. “I asked you which way to success! I followed the direction you gave and all I got was splattered! No more pointing. Please talk”.  Only then did the wise man speak.  “Success IS that way. It’s just a little beyond the splat,” he said.

Like others, you probably had a tonne of motivation the day you decided to begin your strength and fitness journey. But it is sad that many drop off at the sign of their first ‘hurdle’. True success comes through determination, persistence, and ‘stickability’. Expect the occasional splats along the way and you will be mentally prepared to overcome them.
Hang in there, friend. Persist and WIN!

Click here to watch a short, yet powerfully motivational video about Persistance!

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