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Perspective is everything


Faced with the shattering news that he had contracted the debilitating and terminal motor neuron disease; Auckland Pastor Phil Camden was a broken man. To be honest, YOU probably would be too. Phil was told that he only had eighteen months to live. After many days and nights wrestling with the news Phil finally formed a new perspective. He told us “I realised that my body is becoming weaker and more difficult to move by the day. And that tomorrow I may not move as well as I am today. So, in other words, TODAY is the BEST day of my LIFE. Therefore, I still have a whole lot of ‘best days’ to go!”. Incredibly, it’s now four years since his diagnosis and Phil is still enjoying each ‘Best Day’ as it comes.

How could Phil’s attitude and perspective on life be transferred to YOU TODAY? Have you been worried about getting older? Well, TODAY is the youngest you will be. Enjoy your ‘youth’. Do you see yourself as lazy or energetic? Interesting or dull? Someone who loves the feeling of fitness or who hates exercise? The seeds you plant in your own mind will either catapult you ahead or seriously inhibit your performance. Choose a POSITIVE perspective today.

TODAY is the best day of your life.


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