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Your prostate. Should you take it seriously?


It’s called Movember. The time real men around the globe start the month clean shaven, and amidst much laughter and bravado, make the valid statement that prostate cancer can be a relevant threat to our futures. One bloke in every rugby team will develop prostate cancer before he is seventy five. This year we made the decision to get involved, create greater awareness and hopefully save a bunch of lives. After all, we are a ‘Health Club’. So first off here are the key indicators that if you experience them, you should investigate further;

• A need to urinate frequently, especially at night
• Difficulty starting urination or holding back urine
• Weak or interrupted flow of urine
• Painful or burning urination
• Difficulty in having an erection
• Painful ejaculation
• Blood in urine or semen
• Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs


New studies have indicated that obesity is tied to prostate cancer aggressiveness, doubling the risk of death and quadrupling the risk of metastasis.
Your action steps?
Be open and chat about it with your mates. If you are 45 plus, ask your doc if you should have a PSA test. Exercise more. Working out is critical for fighting and preventing cancer, and the more vigorous the better. Research has demonstrated three or more hours of vigorous exercise lowered the risk of prostate cancer death by 61%.



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