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This is for your currently inactive friend, not you.

Your future happiness and freedom from disease will be a result of the choices you make today. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that over sixty percent of those in hospital have arrived there due to poor lifestyle choices.

As a result of successive New Zealand Government choices, our ‘health system’ has become instead a ‘disease management system’. This panders to and trys to serve the hundreds of thousands of those (the 60%) who have not had the self-discipline to get and stay active on a daily basis. It is for the people who have not taken an interest in learning and understanding about the foods they eat, and the impact this has on their health. The Government would be much wiser and more progressive to create incentives to exercise, such as a tax-deduction for health-boosting systems, activities and memberships.

Already our system can’t cope adequately with the high numbers using our ‘sickness system’. For example, Mike King of the IAMHOPE Charity says that only 2% of those needing mental health help, are actually receiving it. And we all know someone on a waiting list.

But the responsibililty for your health cannot be blamed on the government. Your health, in the most part, is your sole responsibility.

If you choose to take it easy and to sit around watching TV every day, vaping, smoking and drinking wine and beer, you won’t be very fit. Your heart will be more ‘at risk’. If you choose to eat fatty processed food with additives, chemicals and sugar, expect to struggle with your weight and to be more suspectable to cancer.

For the most part, YOU alone are the author of your fate. You could experience an outcome of abundant ENERGY and positivity each day by beginning an exercise regime. You could purposely pick the foods that will keep you healthy, lean, slim and feeling athletic. You could influence your family and those around to make a change. Or you could make no effort, to blame others or your own circumstances.

The choice is yours.

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