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Red means ‘GO’!

Were YOU one of the more than forty members who zoomed into the club ‘in person’ in the first two hours at Birkenhead on Friday? The clubs have been steadily building in pace ever since with many members so excited and positive – one team member said “it’s almost like they’re walking on air!”

An IHRSA survey of the fitness industry has shown that members miss their gym more than any other public space. They miss the variety and quote the biggest benefit as being to manage stress and mental wellness. Aside from stating that the ‘variety offered’ by some clubs was the attraction, the return of a vital sense of community was craved by many.

YOU are part of this vibrant community. If you haven’t taken your first step yet, download your Vaccine Pass, grab your membership card and workout towel and get down here. We miss your smiling face!

Pic: Friday:  Within an hour of opening after 12 weeks of lock down, fifteen members enjoy Billies Boxing class at Birkenhead. “We like the breeze on the balcony” admits Glen.

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