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Are you making time to reflect


Are you like allot of Club Physical members – progressive, fitness conscious and hardworking, but always ‘busy’. Busy taking the kids to sport, going to work, building a career, doing up the house, working-out yourself, perhaps starting a business and you find that your entire seven days is FULL?

It could be that you are missing a valuable moment for ‘time-out’. A time that you can regularly reflect on what you’ve done well, what’s helping you, what’s hindering you and what you think you could do better. One former Club Physical member, Bill Amosa who I met with yesterday likes to ‘journal’ at the end of the day. Essentially it’s a diary note of achievements, challenges and experiences. This pause gives Bill a chance to learn and to reflect.

Business, life Coach and author John Maxwell advises to be intentional with your pause. This increases your sense of expectation and can be an incubator for positive growth ideas you have stirring in the back of your mind. Try it.




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