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‘Resistance Training’ for ‘Life’


Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger (71) shows here, resistance training becomes all the more vital as you age.  I see so many men and women stumbling through the shopping mall with walking sticks and walkers, most unaware that it they just began a programme at the club, that that extra support could quickly become redundant.

At Club Physical we had that exact experience when a curious 81 year old Phyllis Brown limped in through the doors of our West Auckland Club with the aid of a walking stick. She joined and quickly became a regular at the club. Less than one month later Phyllis proudly informed the team that she no longer needed that stick!

One of the physiological impacts of aging is that your bone density will lessen each year along with your muscle and ‘balance’. This makes you susceptible to ‘falls’. And when you do fall, the biggest risk is that you can break your hip. That could have a dramatic impact on the length of your life.

Resistance training changes ALL of this. It maintains your muscle, keeping you independent and able. It maintains your balance and strengthens your bones – more effective than any calcium supplement.

If YOU wish to retain the peak of health I urge you to follow the Club Physical recommendation of 2-3 sessions of resistance training each week. Here Charles Eugster speaks about exercise at the age of 93………. SEE HERE!


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