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Resistance training for success in life!

There can be no debate that you can scientifically increase your strength with a well-designed program. You simply increase the resistance you used on a regular basis. This works whether you’re young or older, male or female. The health benefits will bless you with long term mobility and add years to your life. It’s the wrestling against a force that makes us adapt and grow stronger. Unsurprisingly, those who become dedicated, regular, and willing to push with extra effort; as with all great athletes, are the people who will also enjoy the most success.

Similarly, the ideal environment for your children isn’t one that’s devoid of challenges. Although hard to accept at the time, your children need the minor setbacks that come their way. How can they learn to cope with problems and frustrations as adults, if their early experiences are totally without them?

Your task as a parent may not be to eliminate every challenge your child faces. Rather, to serve as confident; encouraging them in their distress, intervening when the threat becomes overwhelming, and being available when crisis comes. Think of these times as ‘resistance training’.

A two thousand year old quote urges: ‘Be glad when challenges come upon you. Challenges develop persistence. Persistence develops character. And character develops hope.



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