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The secret to weight-loss revealed


In her groundbreaking book ‘FAT CHANCE’ New Zealand’s Susan Mavia advises people who desperately want to lose weight to “Forget about how fat people diet. Focus on how slim people eat”.


With the implication of how comfortable you will feel in your summer clothing this year, you might now be vigorously targeting your efforts to trimming down.  Yet as others will tell you, there’s no secret to weight loss. It’s just about burning off slightly more calories than you take in. But it’s not always that easy, right?  Losing weight can be very much a challenge for your self-discipline. A challenge for your mind.


Mavia’s simple suggestion helps you to avoid the thought of ‘lack and sacrifice’ and to instead be ‘positively inspired’ by focusing how slim people eat (and how they exercise).


As a thought and without getting freaky, take a discreet note  on the difference between what different sized people choose for their meals when you go to the restaurant, what are the sizes visiting the Pancake Parlour vs Real Foods? Again, see if you notice the differences between people and what’s in their supermarket trolleys? Again, don’t get freaky. We’re talking about a split second non-judgemental glance.


What choices are slim, fit people making?




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