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Serving is good for your health


If you are already in a job where you get to serve others, this may be of special interest.

Have you ever felt that ‘tingle up your neck’ when you’ve been able to encourage another person, to help them out or to do a good job ‘serving them? It turns out that putting others first is a boost for your own longevity. The same goes for volunteering or even donating to a charity. Yet with charities, the impact on you is far greater if you are able to have some sought of feedback on how your money has been put to use. In fact Professor Stephen Post of the Center for Bioethics, USA suggests that giving is as important to maintaining health as avoiding smoking.

Famous psychiatrist Karl Menninger was asked, “What would you advise a person who is experiencing depression and unhappiness?” .He replied, “Lock the door behind you. Go across the street. Find somebody who has a need and help them”.


Serving others can be as simple as leaning over to say an encouraging word to the person on the cross-trainer beside you!


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