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Should you, or shouldn’t you?


Don’t you admire people who make things happen? Those who create, lead, innovate and build. The truth is that if you are the type of person that ‘has a go,’ you most certainly face more risks of things not quite going as planned. The safer method is to become a ‘follower’ and take fewer risks. While all types are needed to make a ‘team’, if you don’t take that chance  you may be missing the opportunity for greater fulfillment in seeing something YOU initiated, come into fruition. It’s true that if you can muster up the courage to do more, yes, you might endure some ‘failures’ (or lessons) but you will certainly have more successes.

So how do you decide whether an action is the right thing to do? Incredibly, YOU and I have been blessed with an amazing gift. Our conscience.
Every living person will have a conscience. Some, like Russia’s Putin perhaps, at varying degrees. But if you pause for a moment and listen, your inner-voice will whisper the right direction you should take and indeed, whether you should do it at all? Are your motives pure?  Is what you are thinking of likely to place your relationships at risk?  Is it short term pleasure for long term pain? Or, could what you have in mind help your family, the business you work with or your community? Stop and listen for a moment.

You will have the answer!


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