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Sleeping with one eye open


While working for New Zealand’s Department of Social Welfare at the age of twenty seven I discovered stress never before experienced.  By 4pm each day my head would feel like a ‘brick’.  That’s when I came upon the near miraculous benefits of exercise.  Without thought to ingesting drugs of any kind, one hour’s workout in the gym would eradicate all stress, free my mind and cleanse my head before going home!

I would feel ‘brand new’. To a large degree this motivated the founding of Club Physical.

More people need to know about the healing power of exercise. According to Dr Shimi Kan, stress is the Number One health epidemic of the 21st Century.  Dr Kan says that one of the key components of being able to reduce stress in our lives lies within our ability to be ‘adaptable’. In essence, when placed in a challenging situation, it’s about your ability to turn your lemons into lemonade!

Kan shared an example of the extreme adaptability of the highly intelligent dolphin. They have trained themselves to place half of their brain to sleep, with one eye open on the lookout for sharks and to monitor when a breath needs to be taken.

For YOU though, it would be enough to train yourself to become more ‘adaptable’ and to regularly experience the healing power of exercise, not only on your body, but your mind.

You can hear Dr Kan speak..


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