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Smile when you lead


One thing that’s impressive about great leaders irrespective of their policies, is the way that they can smile while being attacked. They smile under pressure, when grilled by the media or by a volatile audience. This is a skill few of us are able to master. But it is a skill that will lift the mood of a group, an organisation and influence a nation.

Most of us lead, some without realising it. A business, a family, a sports-team, as a coach, a supervisor, a shift manager or doing your bit as the monitor of a pedestrian crossing. And leadership can be lonely because the buck stops with you. You hear little when things go well, and allot when things go wrong. A leader often pays the cost in time, additional stress and lost sleep.

If you lead, it’s all the more vital that you exercise. More than 75% of American Fortune 500 company executives take time out to exercise daily. Even Richard Branson, owner of numerous businesses (and a great smile) was quoted as saying this, “My daily workout gives me four more hours of productive time”.

Of course those who work-out know of its stress relieving qualities. Hence, its contribution to a good nights’ sleep. So the message today is that we know that it can be lonely at the top. And we know that it isn’t always easy. Most of all, we know that you will handle things better and find it easier to smile when daily exercise is a priority in your life.

The fascinating success of the smile! 


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