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Sometimes you lose

Commonwealth Games, April 2018 – Club Physical’s Brahm was on the mat less than ten minutes from the start having drawn the World Champion, Bajrang of India for his first fight. Unbelievably Brahm was able to tear his way out of the painful move pictured, although the match went to India. Bajrang went on to beat all other challengers. The thing about sport is that someone ‘wins’ and someone loses. It’s either a team, a pair – as in tennis, or an individual as above. It’s a game. And the very nature of the game is ‘risk’ with the excitement that the outcome is not known. One thing you do know is that one entity will place first. While a loss might be hard to take at the time, it is vital that you bounce back, learn from the competition, revise your strategies and live to win another day.

Three weeks ago our undefeatable All Blacks lost to South Africa. Last week with only six minutes to go in the game, recent history looked to be repeating itself. In order to WIN, the All Blacks would need to pull off a miracle performance and achieve two tries and two conversions. Incredibly they gained a try and converted it. South Africa was still in the lead. And then with less than two minutes to go, the All Blacks scored and converted another try.

The South African stadium audience stood silently with their mouths open in wonderment.

The lessons of sport as in your daily life is that, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Don’t take it to heart. We’re only human. We’re not perfect. Wins aren’t guaranteed BUT isn’t that what makes life exciting? Get up, try again and WIN!


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