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Start Earning Good Health

Why You’ve Got To Earn Good Health

Many of the demands we have can be addressed within the comfort and convenience of a swivel chair and IPad. The not so obvious danger is that we stop ‘movement’. And this is the movement that could save and extend our lives.

Years ago in New Zealand, the trend was to talk about ‘heart-health’. These days it’s about sky-rocketing obesity and to a lesser degree cancer. All of the above is inter-related. As you become fitter your heart muscle becomes stronger, your longevity extends, you lose unwanted body fat and are less likely to get cancer

Fitness doesn’t come easy. All progress needs to be earned. You need to make the effort and this should be at the very least, every day.

Yes, it is easier to sit and be distracted by the numerous other ‘priorities’ in life. But none of these priorities would exist if YOU didn’t exist. So, start earning good health today. Make the effort. 



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