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Stay fit to enjoy your bucket-list

Today a group of ten local business people were given the task of writing five goals to place on their ‘bucket list’. Their subsequent goals spanned from taking the kids to Disneyland, competing in an ultra-marathon, becoming a stand-up comedian, walking a daughter down the wedding aisle, feeding the homeless on Christmas Day to creating a sculpture. Everyone had different goals and that’s what’s great about our society. But one thing is for sure, you stand a much better chance of fulfilling your dreams if you first look after your health.

So how often should you exercise to ensure you are around to enjoy the fruits of your labor? The US Surgeon General advises physical activity, MOST days of the week. And if you have an office job or career where you are seated most of the day, one workout may not be enough. Ideally get some sort of activity going during, before, or after your day also. Your actual workouts can be time-efficient. For instance, a cardio day, one where you have your heart rate raised, could be 30 to 45 minutes. Then fit in two resistance training sessions weekly of a similar length. Other activities could be a walk with a family member or your dog before or after work and/or actions like deliberately taking the stairs rather than the lift at work.

Other important considerations are eating healthily, drinking water, getting enough sleep, maintaining a positive attitude, and fostering good relationships with those around you. All this will help you to live a long and healthy life AND give you the best opportunity to tackle that Bucket List.

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