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Staying Alive!

As a Kiwi you have double the likelihood of dying from ‘lack of exercise’ than you do of COVID according to the NZ College of Public Health. So far September has six deaths daily from COVID but twelve daily attributed to lack of physical activity. Meanwhile thirteen people die as a result of smoking or of secondary smoke, nearly two daily of suicide, 2.5 as a result of diabetes and less than one in road accidents.

We all know that exercise can help you get fit, reduce weight, improve balance and lower your risk for many diseases, such as heart disease. But numerous studies have shown that exercise can actually help you live longer. According to Allina Health if you follow best practice and exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes weekly, you can positively extend your life by up to EIGHT YEARS. Not forgetting that these would be active years.

“Nearly half (48%) of New Zealand adults do not meet recommended daily physical activity levels and this creates huge societal costs and leads to avoidable, premature death,” says NZ College of Public Health President, Dr Caroline McElnay.

Given the current scenario, how do you think YOU would rate on the longevity scale?

Here’s your chance to check with this Life Expectancy Calculator.

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