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Strengthen your self-control

Your body is not a machine. It is a supremely structured organism that not even the most sophisticated doctors can fully understand. Even the tiniest microscopic cells of your body are like a small ‘city’, where numerous balanced actions take place every hour without you knowing it. Your moods and emotions have an impact beyond what we currently understand.


The mystery of food allergies, why some of your friends get cancer, and why we circum to certain health challenges is often still unknown. We are a forever changing biological being. That’s why; what you put into your body is so important. Similarly, how you handle your own ‘emotions’ can either make or break your family.


While the time of increased emphasis on family and of ‘love for others’ is upon us, it is also a time of marriage break-ups. In fact lawyers in the UK call the first Monday of January, ‘Divorce Day’.

One of the prime skills you learn through mustering up the determination to visit the gym regularly is SELF DISCIPLINE. When you make up your mind to ‘work-out’ regardless of the way you ‘feel’, no matter the weather, whether you’ve had a hard day at work, rich or poor, up or feeling down, you will strengthen and build that ‘self-discipline’.


At times like Christmas, we can sometimes allow our emotions to run rampant. Where alcohol is present, this can easily lead to losing total control and saying or doing something you will regret later. Yet, as a maturing person, learning more and becoming wiser by the day; we might do well by building up that self-discipline. So much so, that your self-discipline will completely over-ride any fickle emotion that might rise up on a certain day.


Better to be known as someone who is of strong and stable character. Someone you’re your family and others can count on. Someone who loves others. A leader. Someone who is brave as well as wise, but not someone who is at the mercy of swings of emotion. I believe that your body will be healthier and happier with a strong, peaceful sense of self-discipline.



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