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Stress is not your enemy!


Reading this could save your life. In a landmark study of 30,000 people it was found that ‘believing’ stress was harmful lead to a 43% increased risk of dying. Whereas if you have high stress but accept it as part of your occupation, sport, life; and look ahead positively, it is unlikely that stress will have any negative impact on your life at all.

In America, simply ‘believing’ stress is harmful leads to 20,000 deaths a year; more than skin cancer. Instead of looking upon signs of stress as harmful, look at it as ‘helpful – energising and preparing your body for action. Then your blood vessels will stay ‘relaxed’.

Whereas the blood vessels of people who ‘believe stress is harmful’ become tense, ridged and prone to stroke.

Here is a very captivating 15 minute talk on the subject by Kelly Mc Gonigal:



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