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Strip Off With Confidence This Summer

The original Coppertone cartoon helped make the brand famous. It infers that you can prepare your body for summer FUN and that the sun-cream will help you to get a deep dark tan. Skin cancer risk wasn’t a common subject back then and the ‘darker’ you could make yourself was quite the revered status symbol. It probably still is to a much lesser degree.

Would you agree that at rough count, in Auckland we might have had only about 8-10 days without some kind of rain this entire year. You couldn’t be blamed for giving very little thought to the prospect of wearing your light summer clothes and venturing off to Takapuna beach. But if the climate-man is to be trusted, we may be in for a long hot summer season.

Now could be the time for slightly upping your cardio and weights at the gym. And it could be a good time to knock off the ‘foods’ that tend to slap those stubborn layers on your hips and thighs. Key actionable changes experienced by those on our Transformation programme are to; Do away with any junk food. Replace between meal hunger pangs snacks with fruit or salads. Drop alcohol and sweets and ensure you have a healthy breakfast.

These improvements along with at least 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous movement will get you a long way towards, ‘stripping off with confidence’ when you go to the beach this year.

Try out the club for 7 days for just $39 and strip off with confidence this summer!

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