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RIGHT NOW there’s an urgent need for YOU to pro-actively put your health first. A radio news report this week told us that a massive 20% of New Zealanders are exercising less. But there has never been a more vital time to step up and get physical.

Here’s why….

None of us have ever been in the current situation before. After a long two years of COVID management, the effects have continued, especially for businesses and workers. We have staff shortages, closed hospitality enterprises, and a lack of tourism. And now a war initiated by the type of wicked dictator that we could have only imagined through a James Bond movie now generating claims of genocide.

Kiwis have been quick to be impacted by the ripple effect with record petrol prices and now the threat of a worldwide shortage of grain. Then recent reports of an Antarctic heatwave 40c above normal along with worldwide floods, fires, and landslides, and scientists pleading with the World to take urgent action to save our planet. Not to mention new concerns about China entering the Pacific via the Solomon Islands.

Are YOU one of the many who admits to having just a little anxiety about all this? Never before has there been such a need for wisdom, compassion, planning, and ACTION. And that action starts with YOU. For best results, you need to cultivate a baseline of clarity of mind, fitness of body and heart, and the strength of resilience. Value and appreciate what you have, while taking care of your body, and your health – ready for anything with the capability and confidence to care for your family and lead them to a positive future.

Surely, right now is a good time to be fit.


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