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In Alex Tysen’s book ‘Health Supercharged’ he rightly points out that many of us tend to think of our bodies as a machine. When we develop a problem, like say ‘sleeping’, we simply drop a pill for it. Yet perhaps a failing of Western medicine, we are not understanding that our body is a complex organism with infinite intelligence. The fact that we have had a challenge sleeping could be the result of any or several of an entire cluster of issues, that ideally you could address, holistically.

For instance, if sleeping has been a challenge for you, simply taking a pill that would leave you in a state of drugged unconsciousness, whereby you wake in the morning feeling lethargic, might not be the wisest, most healthful tact. The fact that you have had sleep challenges could be due to any-one of a group of factors like; Going to bed too late, going to bed at irregular times, drinking tea, coffee or alcohol prior to bed, eating an irritant food (for some this might be Baked Beans), living with an inflamed gut, watching an action drama prior, gazing at the blue light of your iPhone, not being relaxed, worried about unresolved issues, a personal conflict, having curtains that allow light to penetrate, not enough fresh-air, an uncomfortable bed, your conscience, an unaddressed injury, tight muscles – the list goes on.

These are all examples of how you might not have realised the many scenarios that can impact your sleep-health. You have simply taken a ‘pill’ thinking this to resolve the problem as if you were a machine.

Yes, you come to the gym to feel great, to strengthen your body and manage your weight. This is highly commendable, but to continue and flourish with abundant health and happiness I urge you to continue to strive, learn and develop in ALL areas of your life. Such as, your ability to ‘relax’, your agility and stretching, your confidence and ability to communicate with others, appreciating and enjoying music and culture, your education – reading – seminars – podcasts, your family time. All these can contribute to your health and happiness.

To really SUPERCHARGE YOUR HEALTH, you may need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h a little.

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