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Surprise Result For Tayla-Lee

Keen Netballer, Tayla-lee was devastated when injured in a game last year. The ACL injury required an operation and, now just 12 weeks post-op she has still needed pain-killers everyday. That was until Tayla-lee started using Club Physical’s new RECOVERY ROOM. Contrast-Therapy is promoted worldwide as having a healing benefit for athletes and for those under rehab. But no-one expected this immediate result.

“On the days that I’ve completed the Contrast Therapy I havent needed any pain-killers at all” says Tayla-lee. Her Contrast Therapy includes around 20 minutes in the Infrared Sauna coupled with a few minutes in the Ice-Bath. “I’ve increased the time I can withstand the icebath, (which is preset between 6-8 degrees) to six minutes” she says. Tayla-lee is the Bar Manager at Te Atatu Penninsula’s Mr Islington.

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