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The Ballet Barre Craze

What is this new Ballet Barre craze?

Club Physical has introduced the popular Ballet Barre philosophy to all its clubs in the form of Barre’ Body. Barre’ Body is a Ballet-inspired class incorporating ballet, Pilates, and yoga to improve strength, flexibility and core stability through fluid non-impact movements, targeting the whole body throughout a 60-minute class.

While it may look like an easy slow class from the outside, its focus on form, proper technique, and ‘keeping the muscles engaged’ means it’s anything but. But don’t let this scare you off coming to class if you’re new!

Barre’ Body is a fantastic way to start your exercise routine, help you recover from an injury, or include as an active rest day alongside more rigorous cardio or weight training. If this has made you curious, click here for more class information.



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