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The case for staying Open


There have always been at least two ways to look at an issue or an opportunity. The wisest way involves listing the advantages and disadvantages on either side. Then ‘weighting’ (A method of scoring fairly) these in relation to their importance, possibilities, and impact. Three thousand years ago the Egyptians were obviously ‘weighing things up’ (drawings left on the wall above) to make the best decisions.

Can I then ask the first question? ‘Has any New Zealander contracted COVID-19 by attending the gym?’ Probably the answer is very close to 0%. The second question is ‘How many members have higher blood pressure, gained weight, endured loneliness, lost sleep, lost fitness, suffered extra stress that they could have overcome if the gyms had been allowed to remain open?’

On one side of the scales, the Government attempts to reduce COVID-19. On the other side, closure itself has had a detrimental impact on people’s health. Add to this the massive cost of the stalled economy, cutting short lives and jobs. As for the HEALTH CLUB, it is exactly what it says. A place to get and to stay ‘healthy’.

We’ve had several conversations with members this week who have told us about the effects of being closed. “I love the club. It’s where I come for my sanity during the stresses of life and business. It was hard going without” Glen, Birkenhead. “I became extremely lonely. Being single, the members at the club ARE my friends”, Laurie of Coast”. “I depend on the gym atmosphere to be my motivation to exercise daily. During the lock down, I gained over five kilos” Maria, Te Atatu.

Microbiology lecturer Edward Wright of the University of Sussex says, “As long as members using gym equipment are washing their hands before and after exercise, refraining from touching their face in between and avoiding close contact, any risk of attending will be mitigated”.

The final decision is yours. We believe that YOU have a lot MORE to GAIN by attending. Of course, this is our passion. Personally, I’ve always worked out daily and as a result, haven’t had one sick day in over thirty-eight years. Yes, this only serves to reinforce my bias that we should stay open.


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