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The Christmas Rush

Did you notice, the COVID-19 lockdowns resulted in a condensing of our social season for 2020 down to a matter of just a few weeks? Tournaments, gatherings, concerts, event days and everything that can’t be dumped on ZOOM have been striving to squeeze in before the end of the year. Couple that with the applied urgency by many to find Christmas presents and it becomes evident that everything has speed up. At 6am this Friday as I slowed to enter the Te Atatu Club car-park a 4WD screamed passed me doing around 100kph in second gear wildly weaving through the sleepy morning traffic. I suspect a ‘P’ induced RUSH.

Yes it does seem crazy to us who’s lives are dedicated to promoting the practices of good health, that we are about to legalise the testing of drugs in concerts. What does this say to our young people? How many more die as a result of long term addiction and wrecked lives than those who stumble into a ‘bad batch’?

Chemists are benefiting from much higher than usual sales in stress combatting drugs. Yet people can simply control and annulate their stress with a 45 minute weight workout; the best kept secret that doctors should be prescribing. No adverse side effects, small cost and the duel advantage of extending your life expectancy. Remember to take time-out for mental calm, deep slow breathing and focussed effort in the gym. Make this your source of a natural endorphin high. Keep your mind switched on and sharp. Be fully aware of where you are and who you are with. Start your day at the gym……….your OASIS amid the Christmas RUSH.

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