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The Cost of ‘LIVING’

If you are enjoying a very good state of WELLNESS, the probability is that you purposefully invest both your time and money into this quest. Notwithstanding this, we know that some of us are unlucky enough to contract a disability or disease, even though we have tried to take the best care of ourselves. But statistically, the positive effort YOU make to stay healthy, pays off good health.

The cost of a gym membership isn’t huge, nor is the cost of a pair of gym-shoes. Yes, you might complain about the increased cost of fruit and vegetables vs the apparent low cost of junk food but the hidden penalty in the latter is far greater. By investing your time and effort into staying fit and strong it will result in increased ENERGY, optimistic attitude and a sharper mind. You could conceivably enjoy greater physicality in your travel plans and be better able to keep up with the pace of your children. Not just existing on the couch. That is the true ‘cost of LIVING’. This is not to minimise the genuine tight budgets of everyday folks.

The ultimate cost of not looking after yourself is of course death. But while living there can be lost opportunities, decreased quality of life, unmanaged mental stress, complications stemming from obesity and other handicaps. In New Zealand, unless you are in desperate need of some highly expensive unsubsidised drug, the cost of ill-health may not be that huge. Many costs are shared between ALL New Zealanders in our TAX, but these are massive, none-the-less.
For example, Hypertension is commonly brought about by those with an ‘unhealthy lifestyle’, lack of physical activity, smoking, stress, obesity and too much alcohol. The cost to Kiwis for hypertension drugs is estimated at $50 million annually. The cost of a heart-transplant is estimated at $NZ150,000 per-person. The cost of diabetes, often the result of lack-of-exercise and being overweight – its $NZ 2.1 BILLION per year!

Aside from physical activity the biggest determinant of good health comes within the choices you make in what you eat. It isn’t always easy given the selection temptations in supermarkets. An Auckland University Study in 2013 found that a whopping 80% of packaged foods offered in four Auckland stores are ‘unhealthy’. Reading labels and taking greater care would pay dividends in better health. Rather than pay for foods of less benefit to your wellbeing, a larger investment in foods known to be healthy can surely be validated.
What is the true ‘Cost of living’? Is it not a matter of intelligent choice?

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