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The four pillars of health


The ancient pillars of the Acropolis in Athens stood strong for thousands of years. It is thought to have been built 600 years before Christ. Just as the pillars shown must have near perfect balance, so too is balance important for YOU to lead a health-filled life.

How would you rate yourself with the four pillars of health?

  1. Relaxation time
  2. Moving your body
  3. Eating healthily
  4. Sleeping peacefully

Some ideas to achieve this are;

To set aside one day a week when you don’t work in your normal job. This is a time when you reflect on life and enjoy friends and family relationships. This is an ancient principle. If you haven’t been doing this try also having the day free of ‘devices’. I know for some, it’s a big ask.

Be open to improving your eating habits. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake while reducing ingredients made with processed sugar. After a while you won’t crave sugary foods, so damaging to your health.

Move every day. Strength train twice a week – all the more vital as you age. Exercise your heart daily with gym-cardio, with a brisk walk, or by always choosing to take the stairs.

Quit any caffeine after noon. This can interfere with your sleep ability. And switch off your mobile in the evening. Avoid being reminded of work challenges before you go to bed and make sure your bedroom is totally dark at night. Leave your mobile off and in the kitchen. Take a book to bed.



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