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The importance of ‘purpose’


Gazing at the faces of a dozen orange vested road workers yesterday I felt a sensation for their sense of pride and purpose. The workers appeared to march towards their various machines and posts, with a bounce in their steps and steely eyed pride for what they do. Having been in lock-down, the same jobs we might have taken for granted and complained about two months ago now give us a feeling of importance and meaning in society.

Those ‘old complaints’ forgotten – so glad to be working again. How fulfilling it is to be able to return home to your family having made your mark in the world. Yet you might be one who lost your job, perhaps in tourism, or who has reduced hours. So important it is to boost your health and fitness. I remember a time when I was unemployed and how quickly my self-esteem shrank. But it was the gym workout, or indeed any sought of workout, that will lift your spirits back and give you the drive you need to make the next move – the next job interview.

Set small goals. Have a to-do list each day. Be accountable to someone in your family. Yes, aim to increase your fitness. This will get you through. Be strong and courageous. And if you do have a job, be glad of it.


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