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The Power of Positive Thinking


If you ‘think’ you can, there is every chance that you will. If you think you can’t, you probably won’t. Do you know anyone who has become their own worst enemy? I do. I’ve heard it and seen, even people I love cutting themselves off at the knees by stating ‘I couldn’t do that’. What you may not realise is that every time you make a statement like that you actually programme your mind to think that way. So if you find yourself saying this – recognise what you are doing and immediately change the statement to what you CAN do.

As a very graphic demonstration of this can I share the recount of a friend who is a hypnotherapist? The man had a client who experienced the horror and embarrassment of soiling his pants every time his boss appeared. The problem became so acute that out of desperation the guy visited our therapist. Under hypnosis the man was regressed to the stage where the problem began. Incredibly the guy planted the seed in his own mind by making a comment to his workmate “Every time I see the boss I sh… myself”. And shortly after that, this is exactly what he began to do.

Perhaps have a think about what YOU or your family are saying, either about yourself or about others. Are the statements you have been making going to BUILD your confidence, build your success, help you to lose weight, get fit, gain friends, get promoted or have you been defeating yourself?

Secondly, do the people you mix with, your peers, build you up, reinforce your confidence, help you to succeed, help reinforce positive, life-giving long term goals or are your friends pulling you downward towards a bleak future?

I attended a regular business networking meeting on Friday, actually the Greenhithe Group. Within minutes of being among these amazing people I felt so pumped full of positivity, I’m sure that my ENERGY had doubled. This went on to impact my entire days and all those I met. How good it is to mix with positive uplifting friends. And today, I’m ‘hoping’ this for YOU!


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