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Over the last two years you’ve experienced the constant bombardment of conflicting information. You might have experienced social isolation and anxiety around possible disease contraction. And all of this has led to an increase in individual depression along with collective societal post-traumatic stress. This, coupled with the impact of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, with the ripple effect has already increasing our challenges. And if you are one of the 562,000 business owners in New Zealand, the decisions made beyond our control during this same period have increased costs and multiplied the pressures.

Now more than ever our nation is facing a mental-health crisis which is why Club Physical choose to support the charity ‘I AM HOPE’ at the start of this year. But ‘exercise’ itself is the positive action that YOU CAN take. Well studied and evidence based, a regular workout will positively ramp-up your mental health. The myriad of side-effects include a sharper memory, better sleep, mood boost, reduced anxiety and increased energy are the BONUS!

Even though you may be busy with limited time, just 45 minutes three times a week can have a remarkable impact on your health. Even better, you can socialize and benefit from valuable peer support, also vital for a long life and mental health. You’ve earned it. Now is the time to do it and to encourage your mates to do the same!

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