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The secret ingredient to ‘growth’

You will never reach your true potential in life as a hermit. To enable growth, you will need to interact with others. Living a life that is all about ‘YOU’ will limit your growth. As you consider more the character and needs of others, your roots grow deeper, leading to greater growth. The fact that others can be challenging simply causes you to adapt, to have compassion and this creates a greater understanding. ‘Working-out’ in a club among others will ignite faster and better results than you could achieve alone. You receive encouragement and others can be encouraged by you. As you focus on your exercises, you become aware of the efforts of others alongside you. Your peers and role-models will serve to motivate and spur you on.

One human manipulation of ‘nature’ gives a graphic example of this with the Bonsai Tree. The Juniper Bonsai Tree (above) is fully grown because its roots have been deliberately limited. Placed in free-range soil where it then has to deal with the ravages of the weather, even after having been limited as a Bosai, the tree is capable of growing to a height of forty meters! In other words, you are not limited by your past!

Other examples offered by nature are displayed with organic farming. Plants of different species planted beside one another reduce the need for pesticides. Another example is with some forests where the roots of one tree found lacking will be nourished by another as they touch.

COVID has sought to limit our contact with one another. For many, this has led to increased stress and loneliness. But the depth of our progress in life craves the company and challenge of others.
Increase your interaction with others, enjoy the company, share the inspiration and grow!

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