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The speed of trust

Trust might simply be the missing link between you and the best health/fitness results you have ever enjoyed. Daily living, as full of challenges as it can be, might have lead you to quit your last attempt to improve your health. The sad thing is that every time you allow things to overcome you and quit, you are more likely to quit again.

The key thing is that the power to change the cycle is within you. Yes it will take self-discipline and determination, and may even require you to ‘trust’ more. Trust that you ARE capable of winning. Trust that you ARE a valued person who deserves the level of health that you dream of. Trust that weight loss and fitness are well proven scientific processes. Trust in the coaching advice of your Trainers.

If you DO exercise daily you WILL get results. If you DO remove ‘simple carbohydrates’ (sugary drinks, sweets, alcohol) from your diet and instead increase your vegetable/fruit intake, you will lose weight. If you DO increase the weight you lift, you WILL tone your muscles faster. Trust this and it will happen. YOU just need to trust the process and to stick with it.

In his book ‘The Speed of Trust’ Dr Stephen Covey talks about how a company that fosters a culture of ‘lack of trust’ will be short-lived. Whereas a company that breeds a sense of trust among its team will thrive.

Lack of trust creates a culture where energy is focused on protectionism and gossip. Whereas a trust culture frees us up to look outward, to be creative, to laugh, to enjoy life and to GROW. So, don’t sabotage your efforts today by not ‘trusting’ that you CAN succeed. Forget the past. Today is a new day. Trust that if you put in the effort, you will succeed.



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