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Time to Bounce back!


There’s little doubt some of us have had previous limits to mental health stretched over the last fourteen days. Those who work in the airlines, tourism, bars, restaurants, cafes, and yes, gyms have had massive disruption to their lives and their finances. The resulting challenge often leads to sleepless nights, pressure on relationships, and great uncertainty. How you inevitably deal with this leaves you with the decision to complain, to crumble and fold, or to BOUNCE BACK!

Famous basketball player Michael Jordan played in an incredible 1072 MBA Grand finals. His average scoring in a game was 30. Yet Michael candidly admits that he has missed 9,000 goal shots and played in over 300 losing sides. He says “I’ve failed over and over in life. That’s why I succeed!” Hence, the secret is to develop resilience and to never give up.

I’ve personally chatted with numerous Club Physical members who have shared that their time at the club is their ‘happy place’. The last lock down in Level 4 was a true test for many who returned a little frayed. No doubt you could be in a similar situation again.

This message is to encourage and help inspire you to quickly BOUNCE BACK. With enough ‘hope’ and the right attitude you can become mentally stronger and more determined from this. We look forward to greeting you on Monday, August 31st as we ‘BOUNCE BACK’ together!

Pic: Our family have worked every day behind the scene at the 3 clubs – ready for level2

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