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When famous icon Norman Vincent Peale spoke years ago in Auckland’s Aotea Centre, I was fascinated and riveted to his every word. Early in life, I developed passion and awe for listening to the wisdom of the world’s greatest communicators. Dr. Peale told us how he was once walking through ‘The Bronx’ with a man who began to ‘unload’ everything wrong that was going on in his life. Then as the two walked past Longview Cemetery where over five hundred people had been buried, Peale turned to the man and explained.

“Here lie five hundred people. And none of them has a problem. But they are dead. So, by reasoning with you, I would suggest that the more problems you have, the more ALIVE you are!”

Similarly, Zig Ziglar told us to swap the word ‘problem’ to ‘challenge’. The simple change of words helps you to create a positive perspective in your mind. These simple skills practiced, will help stimulate you to overcome the challenges we share in our fascinating world of today.

Pic; athletes approach the electric shock maize in Tough Mudder

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