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Politicians around the globe are scratching their heads and looking for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. But our brief visit to both London and Copenhagen (on our way to daughter Chloes wedding) has given an insight on how some cultural practices have a double whammy, benefiting health and the environment.

Famous for its intricate underground transport system, the people of London are generally slim and fit. There is little need to own a car when the underground is so frequent , affordable and reliable. As you join the multitudes moving on their daily transit you see almost ALL people walking briskly, taking stairs and footpaths to and from work, with little opportunity for extra body-fat to gain residence around one’s waistline. The only people walking slower are the tourists. Even though the underground has been around for some decades, it’s a great way cut pollution, to reduce the need for a car and as a bi-product, support ‘the health system’.

Arriving in Copenhagen – Denmark, immediately apparent was the HUGE number of people riding bikes. Cars are few, as citizens of all ages busily and silently peddle their way to school and to work. Virtually NO transport cost and certainly NO pollution.

So, the incite is that ‘if’ a city had a cost-effective, frequent and reliable transport system, it could be the answer for a low emissions future. Similarly, ‘if’ a city had a relatively safe cycling environment, and the distance from home to work wasn’t prohibitive, the radical change to two-wheels could do wonders for both your wallet and your health!

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