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Turn your trials into triumphs


On the night of December 9th 1914 Edison Industries was destroyed by fire. The loss exceeded two million dollars. That’s equivalent to fifty million today. Almost all of Thomas Edison’s work was gone.

Because the building was made with concrete, if was thought to be fire-resistant and was insured for only $238. Edison (67) stood and saw his life’s work go up in flames. Twenty four hours later he was able to survey the wreckage of crushed hopes and charred dreams.

Yet, as he peered at the smouldering heap, Edison was heard to say, “There is great value in disaster. All of our mistakes have been burned. Thanks God we can start anew”. Just three weeks after the fire, Edison produced one of his greatest inventions: the first record player (disc phonograph).  Try and imagine the world of music and entertainment without it.

Some of us allow ourselves to become depressed and to blame others each time we have a ‘problem’. Others, who have gained greater wisdom in life know, that there will always be resistance in our lives. Instead of being ‘crushed’, lets use this resistance to gain a fighting spirit, a willingness to put in extra effort to survive and to thrive!

If you are willing to invest 30 minutes in one of the best speeches the writer has ever heard. Please lie back, close your eyes and listen to Dr Norman Vincent Peale.


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