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Use your membership to lose weight, gain fitness and now get instant ‘feedback’

Member Jamie (pictured ‘flying’) knows how to get results. Jamie’s a disciplined regular whose after-hours interest is to entertain the throngs with his strength and athleticism in suburban wrestling shows.

Getting RESULTS is about using your membership. Unlike a used-car salesman, we do LOVE to see YOU often. And if you have taken a brief hiatus, please don’t be shy about ‘re-connecting’. Remember how good you used to feel?

No longer do you ever need wonder whether you will get a result from your workouts at Club Physical. If you want weight-loss, the number of calories you are burning in your workout are right in front of you. MYZONE (now available at the club) translates this for you. If you want increased fitness, the colour-code of your effort level is right in front of you. Your MYZONE knows your heart, what it is capable of and what your effort level should be. Your level of fitness is measured by your ‘speed of recovery’ after effort. It’s a scientific process.

Weight-loss, although not always easy to achieve, is straight-forward scientific process. First you establish your estimated daily calorie need. Here’s a calculator to help Once you have the result, your next step is to set a goal to consume approximately 300 to 500 less daily calories than your former daily total. Either that, or if you haven’t been exercising most days, to start

exercising enough to burn the required 300 plus calories daily to achieve the calorie deficit needed to put you on the path to meeting your weight-loss goal. In other words, you could continue to eat to your pre-exercise daily calorie requirement. As an example, I’ll regularly burn at least 500 calories in a workout. And there are allot of members who burn well in excess of this in their own sessions.

One of the easiest ways to work out the number of calories in the foods you eat is to download a quality App. Here is a list of the best Apps recommended by Very well Fit for 2023. . Once you have a good grasp of the approximate calorie count in certain foods, RELAX and do not stress about every detail now that you have a greater understanding of about how much to eat to maintain, gain or to lose weight.

Of course, the whole process becomes much easier if you adopt for example the Mediterranean diet, thought by many to be one of the healthiest ways to eat in the world.

With your fitness level, your MYZONE goal will be to get into the GREEN when exercising. Then to the yellow for a bit and maybe even visit the red briefly. MYZONE gives you ‘instant feedback’ and to an extent, ‘gameafies’ your workouts. And this feedback will help to make every workout satisfying and to count towards RESULTS. Remember – THAT’S WHY YOU CAME!

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