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We Need To Change

Have you ever realised that the gym is a machine that generates positive energy. Have you ever tried working-out with a negative mindset? It’s certainly unlikely that you would return for another dose.

Your resilience and success will correspond to your thinking positively about the habit you are generating. And every time you exercise, you use, reinforce and replenish that natural ENERGY. You GAIN more natural energy by further increasing your strength and fitness. The gym therefore is a producer of positive energy. This then snowballs when you reach out and interact with your family and the community.  Your positive impact multiplies!

Politically though, and as the people of the world, we desperately need to change. Right NOW, Russia is waging a massive war against Ukraine. And there are wars in Gaza, Myanmar and other countries. Mexico has a major drug war, as now does Fiji! There are oppressive dictatorships limiting freedom and progress in Chad, Guinea, Haiti, Iran (especially for females), Mali, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Other areas torn by conflict include Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, and the Sudan. Freedom of speech is being limited in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, potentially Georgia and other areas.

While guns and bombs used in wars may not have a huge impact on carbon emissions, the repair of civilian infrastructure and housing will create the largest carbon impact. This is not where the biggest damage occurs. It’s the redirection of ‘energy’. It is the fact that our world is urgently crying out for our focus to be on solutions to reverse global warming. While we (as nations and countries) use all of our energies, armies and leaders trying to take land, authority and human rights from others, we are sacrificing the focus that we ‘could’ have had ……fixing our planet.

We need to change. We need to bring about peace. There needs to be freedom of communication and expression for all citizens of all nations for both male and female. People need to be able to find solutions to our futures, instead of fighting for survival from oppressors. As for businesses and the economy, the 20th century was about economic growth. But the 21st century needs to instead recognise growth coupled with balance. For instance, before you make something in a factory, you need to have already mapped out it’s sustainable and reusable future, or you simply don’t make it.

We need to cease growing agriculture with the soul motivation of getting the most profit for the largest most attractive plants. Instead, number one must be the long-term sustainability of the land, along with organic plants, even if the result is a slightly smaller product. ‘Balance’ and sustainability first. Profit second.

In our own small way and currently on our wish-list, Club Physical would love to introduce a totally new line of cardio equipment. It’s called Sports-Art and it actually generates electricity that would contribute back into the power grid when used. Right now, it’s a touch more expensive than the usual gear, so it will need to stay on the wish-list just for now (pictured above).

As the people of the world we need to encourage and to seek out positive change. And the more of us that start demanding this, of ourselves and of our leaders, the more likely it is to happen.

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