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What Causes Stress?

Do you often get ‘stressed’? Would you agree to participate a little experiment this week?

The proposal here is that you’ll find that most of the stress that you experience is self-induced as-a-result of blaming others for a particular circumstance. So, the very next time you feel angry or stressed, STOP for a few seconds. Think about what or who it was that caused you feel this way?

Then, instead of focussing on the ‘blame’, try swapping this emotion with the words “I am responsible”.

Are you stressed because you are sitting in heavy traffic? You are one of the ‘traffic’. If you instead took responsibility, could you next time perhaps leave ten minutes earlier?

Are you stressed because of the size of a bill? Are you responsible for the purchase in the first place?  Could you have budgeted for this? Could you have waited and saved up a little towards this?

Are you stressed because dinner isn’t ready when you wanted it? Could you have taken responsibility and made a salad to go with it? Could you have helped?

Are you stressed because the machine you wanted to use at the gym is being used?  Could you take responsibility and politely ask if you can ‘work-in’? Or could you just as easily continue with an alternative movement?What is the cause of stress in YOUR life?  Could it be that you have been blaming others? Yet, as soon as you trade those thoughts for ‘I am responsible’ you will be able to see that, in the majority of events, YOU are in control.

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