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What Do You Do With Your Down-Time?

The speaker at a small Auckland workshop this week posed this question, then brainstormed a collection of suggestions. The question related to the highs and seasonal lows or daily peaks and dips in your occupation. The point was, that rather than getting bored and resorting to surfing the net and accomplishing little, you can positively use your ‘downtime’ to move yourself ahead. For example:

  • Recharge for when it will be busy
  • Assess what you have been doing and adjust and make improvements for progress
  • Understand that almost ALL things follow a cycle
  • Analyse your market trends
  • Brainstorm with your team
  • Plan and strategize ways to improve
  • Learn more about your business
  • Attend a seminar – enhance your skills
  • Network – Collaborate – form partnerships
  • Work on your wellbeing

You’ll soon realise that you really have ‘no downtime’. There is always something interesting and progressive that you can be doing. Whether you are the salesperson in a dress-shop or the Manager of a company.

In a similar vein, the same thing goes for your health and fitness. There is a never-ending list of challenges and events that can appear in your life. From an unexpected diagnosis, a pregnancy, an injury or simply, old age. But that is no excuse to automatically give-up and to sit on your laurels. There is almost ALWAYS something progressive you can do to enhance your well-being. There is NO DOWNTIME.

Our Trainers can help you work around almost any situation. And by taking action, you also reduce anxiety, enhancing your self-esteem and your mental health. So, the challenge for YOU today is, there is ‘no downtime’. Let us know when we can help.

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