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What Do You Have Without Your Health?

Your life can be taken from you in the blink of an eye. Sure, there are accidents, but if you don’t invest the time to keep your heart healthy, you can be here today, gone tomorrow, without warning. Then there’s the question of ‘quality of life’. Ill health can rob you of joy and add increased stress for you and your family with the worry and uncertainty of your survival.

The single most compelling reason given by members to ‘re-connect’ with their gym visits is ‘To improve my health and wellbeing’. Was this your reason?

Regular exercise offers you numerous benefits. Improving your heart health, increasing strength, and endurance, reducing the risk of disease, promoting weight loss, and of course improving your mental health. Some join to improve their athletic performance, to rehab an injury, and to be among the positive health club community. Our goal at Club Physical is to value EVERY member and make ALL feel wanted and welcome. I hope that we’re doing this for YOU.

Pic: Paul and Tina join friends and gym owners from around the world in San Diego – in April, for an early morning power walk organized by The Fitness Business Podcast.

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