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What do YOU stand for?


It can be a tough world out there and when you dig a little deeper with any member of the club, it doesn’t take long before you realise that ‘every one of us’ struggle or are challenged in some area of life. For some, especially the younger members of the gym, a few wrong decisions, or perhaps, not so good role models, can lead you on the path to destruction. The urgency of it is that YOU have so much talent, so much potential that just a little coaching could show you that there is a whole new world available to YOU.

For some, it could be time to look around you, the people you have been listening to and who have been shaping your life and to ask……..“What do you stand for?”. “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” “How many would miss you if you died tomorrow?” “Who LOVES and cares you?” “Who have you helped and shown real love for?”. “Are you hanging out with the best crowd for your future, for your family?” ‘Are YOU living your life ‘on purpose’.

Today I attended the funeral of one of our much-loved members, VENU. Venu loved his wife and together they brought five beautiful children into the world. One son Darren, who himself has had many a workout at the club said “I can sum up my dad as having three important values that he lived by; (1) Loyalty (2) Health and fitness (3) Family”

At the funeral I personally, I had the privilege of reading out a number of the comments members made about VENU on the Club Physical Facebook. They pretty much mirrored the same philosophy. Comments like from Rhonda “He was always humble and a person of great wisdom”, Kellie “Always smiling and willing to give training advice”, Gavin Thomson “I’ll never forget our conversations”, Tim Pullesea “A great and humble man”, Tony Hewett “Thankyou for your inspiration, gentleness, class and style”, Geordie Shields “He was part of Club Physicals’ DNA, Renee Cochran “Always a gentleman, kind and helpful”

VENU had a positive impact on his family and numerous other people’s lives. He was our very first member in 1982. How would YOU like to be remembered?

Celebrating VENU’s life in the Photo from left – Janice King, Tina and Paul, Demetrius (former CP Trainer), Tony Martin (who runs his own gym) Joe Urkich (known to most members) Toni King (former CP Trainer and Manager) Roger or ‘Tups’ (long time member at local bobby) Mark Mete (former CP Trainer and NZ strongest man competitor)


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