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What Happened To Peace & Love?

At Club Physical our mission to provide YOU with an OASIS amidst the challenges and stresses of society today. Even though the majority of us are in a much better situation at the moment than those in countries like Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Libya or Ukraine, somehow Kiwis still struggle with anxiety and stress.

For some reason, since the start of Russia’s attack on the people of Ukraine, I’ve felt closely connected to it every day since. At one point I seriously considered volunteering for their army. Club Physical later, donated to the people of Ukraine last year. But a month ago, when attending the Oceania Wrestling Tournament at the Australian Institute of sport I saw something that put things into perspective. Two experienced high-calibre wrestlers have become good friends and now enjoy sparing together. One is Russian and the other Ukrainian. And they are friends, now both living in Australia. It seems that the Wars of the world are often created by a small minority of people in power, driven by distaughted views, ego and greed. While the everyday citizen would have preferred ‘peace’.

We are all the same. We have five fingers and toes, eyes and hearts, desires and emotions. And none of us will live forever. We have a short, finite time on earth. Why do we try to take, steel and rob things from others, most of whom have worked hard to have what they have, for their brief time here?

As another eye-opener last month, I sat mesmerised in the audience of the World Hip Hop Championship in Phoenix, USA. I quietly watched as, after each 2-3 minute performance, the compeer handed the microphone to each member of the team. While this was happening team members would proudly display their country’s flags. The ‘athletes’ were visibly and vocally very supportive and encouraging to ALL other teams – SEVENTY-TWO TEAMS from around the World (in the section Ambush from Club Physical competed in).

At times I had tears in my eyes and I began taking photos of each team, as I witnessed the emotion and the ‘togetherness’ on display as athletes from competing countries showed love and goodwill towards one another. This is the way things should be. We should be loving one another, supporting one another. The BEATLES talked about this in the 1970’s.
It is time we changed the World.

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