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What happened to Steve, could happen for YOU


About to be fired from his job, Steve (49), white shirt, arms folded, pensive stare sits observing our Transformation prize-giving. He’s not a member yet. It was fortuitous that we managed to capture him in this random photo. He’d been through an extremely rough period involving a family member that we’d prefer not to discuss here. Now fully responsible for two beautiful daughters and unable to concentrate or to get motivated at work, a few days after this photo Steve’s boss came to discuss the situation with us.

As a last ditch effort to inject Steve with a better future and new hope, his boss assisted Steve to get started at the club. It wasn’t easy for him, but his precious little daughters and his family quickly became rocks of encouragement for him. So to did his new Personal Trainer, Warwick – now Manager of Club Physical Birkenhead. Steve joined the Transformation programme with Warwick.

The truth is, it wasn’t easy for him. Steve had to muster up all of the mental tenacity that he had – then needed to reach for more. Steve was still dealing with personal trauma. He later had this to say, “I was masking how I felt with humour, but inside I was screaming out!”.

The short story of Steve’s results is that this amazing guy was able to totally turn his life around within twelve short weeks mentally, emotionally and physically. And Steve did this without the use of drugs, alcohol or medical intervention. He did it simply, naturally, at low cost with a Trainer, the company of peers with similar goals, by changing his eating patterns and exercising regularly.

Steve won the next Transformation. His daughters, then his mom, dad and sisters leapt up on stage to support him as tears rolled down faces on stage and in the audience. A very powerful reminder of why we, you and I, do what we do. Regular exercise and good nutrition will ‘transform your life’ if you’re willing to try!


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